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USD 300
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Tel: 372 686 3163

Armada Markets

Full Service Broker
Armada Markets is offering extremely low market spreads, no requotes, full STP and DMA.We are highly rated among scalpers and traders using EAs and algorithmic trading models. We use the latest network and technology solutions
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Investment Product Commissions & FeesStarting at:
Forex - Currencies
2$ per side
1 lot of spot GOLD is 100 ounces. Commission is 0.0020% per side on the notional value. If gold is at 1600 USD, then notional value is 100*1600 = 160,000 USD. Commission of 0.0020% equals 3.2 USD per side or 6.4 USD per round trip.
Same as on gold
All commissions & fees ยป
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